July, 2018, Expanding Mind: I was on Erik Davis‘s podcast, Expanding Mind! It was really fun to chat with Erik. He is the author of several books (including Techgnosis–it’s great, you should read it) and then he went and got a PhD in Religious Studies. He’s currently making his dissertation into a book–one that I’m really looking forward to reading.

August, 2016, Always Already: Listen to me talk to James Padilioni Jr. on the Always Already Podcast. This was a blast. James recently received his PhD from the College of William & Mary in American Studies and is now teaching at Swarthmore College. He wrote his dissertation on San Martín de Porres. I met him at the “Wonder and the Natural World” conference and we geeked out on the speculative history of psychoactive plants and fungi and how to read the supernatural in histories of colonization and slavery. It was great to continue the conversation.