Hello! My name is Joanna Steinhardt. I’m an anthropologist, writer, and editor with an interest in science & technology, religion & spirituality, the natural world, and multi-species relationships. I currently work as an associate editor at Ayin Press, a part-time editor at Knology, and a freelance book editor. My writing has appeared in Wired and the LA Review of Books.

I have a PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology (UC Santa Barbara, 2018) and an MA in Cultural Studies (the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2007). I was a fellow at the LA Review of Books Publishing Workshop in the summer of 2020.

I’ve worked as an on-call researcher at the Exploratorium, a tea-monger at Blue Willow, a communications consultant/anthropologist-in-residence in the early days of MycoWorks, and a researcher at Dovetail Labs. Before graduate school, I was a program manager at the JCCSF.

I’m originally from the Detroit metro area. I live in Oakland, California.