Conference papers

November, 2018, Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association: “Think like a mushroom”: the animistic play of amateur applied mycologists. 

August, 2018, Cultural and Political Perspectives on Psychedelic Science (at the California Institute for Integral Studies): Psychedelics and Narratives of Return.

November, 2017, Annual Meeting of the American Anthropology Association: Home Tek 101: cross-kingdom intimacy and the re-domestication of the lab.

September, 2017, Annual Meeting of the Society for the Social Study of Science (4S): Mycoremediation: the making and unmaking of a citizen science.

May, 2017, Biofabbing Convergence: Fabrications and Fabulations, University of Geneva: Unruly innovators: Outlaw Mycology

April, 2017, Psychedelic Science 2017: Psychedelic Naturalism: psilocybin and the evolution of amateur applied mycology

June, 2016, Wonder and the Natural World, University of Indiana: “You can do this with mushrooms?!”

May 2013, Old Time Religion, Stanford University: Renew our days of old: Neo-Hasidic Americans imagine past and future in Israel